2015-2016 Schedule

Our theme for this year is “Mission.” The calendar for the 2015-2016 school year can be found here

We are looking forward to a faith-filled year!

‘If I were pope’

“If I were pope, I’d pray for an end of fear….

“I’d pray for an end of the fear of vulnerability.  I would make my first retreat at the founding community of L’Arche in France and title it, “Let them come to me” and spend a week caring for those with the most severe mental and physical challenges.  I would ask for their prayers and their support in my ministry.  I would invite all believers of any kind to recognize in these human beings both the pain of creation and the goodness of the spirit which knows no bounds.  I would ask all people of faith and goodness to ease the scourge of fear of difference and vulnerability and usher in an age of acceptance where there are no exceptions to the dignity of the human person.  None.”

~Timothy Shriver, Chairman & CEO of the Special Olympics